CISA Passing

CISA certification imporance

Hello students! Certified Information Systems Audior – CISA is one of the most sought after certification for those involved in the audit of IT and related technologies. It is the gold standard for Information Systems Audit.

The details about the exam can be found from ISACA official site

CISA Exam Passing

Passing CISA examination demands lots of dedication and hardwork from the aspirants. Even after putting so much efforts, CISA examination can really trump any one.

All flagship ISACA examinations are of same types. Each exam has 150 multiple choice questions and one correct or best answer to choose from. Thankfully no negative markings. So you can take an intellingent guess depending upon your basic knowledge, in the CISA exam.

How to do it?

Let us now discuss how to crack CISA the exam in the frist sitting itself. Let us admit it. There are no short cuts. First read the Course Review Manual (CRM, current edition is the 27th) atleast once fully. This is a must. Then invest in good questions bank and start solving them. You can approach me for a good set of question banks and Training needs.

While solving the questions one should understand that the actual CISA exam questions are applciation based. So there could be a disconnect between what you read in the CRM and the actual questions. So work experience comes handy here to pass CISA exam.

The CISA exam

The exam questions contains a question and 4 answer choices. One of them is the “Correct” or “Best” answer. The CISA exam questions are situation based hence analyse the given question and DO NOT deviate from the question.

Read the questions slowly and carefully mentally noting important information such as “BEST”, “PRIMARY”, “MOST” kind of key words. Eliminate known incorrect answers that do not make sense. Then read the remaining answers with the questions and use practicaly knowledge. Most of the times this will give you an indication as to which one would be the “Best” or “Correct” choice.

What not to do

While answering exam questions, do not evern correlate one question to another which you might have solved while practicing. There may be subltle variations in the actual exam questions, that if not properly noticed may result in incorrect answer choice selection.

Connect with me for personalized training

You may reach out to me at or whatsapp me at +91 96770 38871 for more detailed plans about how to carck CISA Exam in the first sitting itself. I have attached a recording of an actual class (first domain)

Believe in yourself. It is possibl