Information Technology Certified Associate

Whether you’re just starting out or still early in your career, ITCA is ideal for anyone with the drive to build fundamental IT knowledge and skills towards career advancement and success. Through a hybrid of knowledge and performance-based training and testing, ITCA enables you to demonstrate practical understanding and real-world ability to perform tasks—a combination that will set you apart from others as you approach your first or next career goal.

Build your IT knowledge and skills in five essential work-related domains—with five knowledge and performance-enhancing certificate programs that stack up to one career-advancing ISACA certification.

The ISACA® Information Technology Certified Associate™ (ITCA™) assesses and affirms both knowledge and the ability to perform IT-related tasks that the real-world workplace demands. Through five IT-career-related certificate programs, ITCA will jump start and fast track your professional journey or add skills and knowledge you can apply immediately to your IT audit, risk, security, governance or privacy role.

Five individual certificates in five domains are required to earn the ITCA certification. They are:

1. Computing Fundamentals.

2. Networking and Infrastructure Fundamentals.

3. Cybersecurity Fundamental

4. Software Development Fundamentals.

5. Data Science Fundamentals.

How Do I Become ITCA Certified?

Earning the ITCA certification requires no additional work experience—you just have to pass each of the five certificate exams, then submit a completed application form and processing fee. Once certified as an ITCA, certification-holders are required to maintain the certification on an annual basis by earning and reporting CPE hours and paying an annual maintenance fee. More information regarding applying and maintaining your ITCA Certification please visit our Steps to Become ITCA Certified